Building Material Technology

KUBATEC BMT AG specializes in the development and production of special and niche products in the construction chemicals sector.

Regionally anchored – in use worldwide

At our headquarters in the Principality of Liechtenstein, we develop, produce and test our products to the highest quality standards and, in addition to several laboratories, we also keep comprehensive stocks of our products in order to meet all the needs and requirements of our customers worldwide.

Kubatec AG was founded in 1971 by Bruno Meyerhans (Senior) and merged with its sister company Kubatec BMT AG in 2012. To this day, the merger centralizes all of our company’s expertise and guarantees smooth business operations. In 2012, Bruno Meyerhans (Junior) took over the complete management of the company and is now leading it into an internationally oriented future.

We have a diverse customer structure thanks to our long and global market presence. Our products, in particular the swelling explosive Betonamit, are used in almost all areas of the construction industry. The sales market now covers over 50 countries on all continents.

Our flexible and action-oriented approach has helped us to gain a high reputation over the past decades. The medal awarded by the Province of Vienna in recognition of our exemplary efforts during the collapse of the Reichsbrücke bridge in 1976 is worth mentioning here. Kubatec is also closely networked with various universities and colleges in Austria and Switzerland. We are always looking forward to new, innovative projects and are always open to new ideas and problems.

Development and production

The development and production of Betonamit, the explosion-free blasting agent for the gentle and controlled demolition of rock, stone and concrete, laid the foundation for the international success of our company. Today, we are a manufacturer for countless well-known companies worldwide and produce our products in our own facilities as well as in a number of “white labels” for our customers.

Professional problem solving and the associated satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. This goal can only be achieved by using raw materials that meet the very highest quality standards. To meet this requirement, we rely on long-standing partnerships in Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy. To ensure and test the quality of our end products, we have developed our own processes and equipment, which always provide us with the most accurate and up-to-date data and thus guarantee the highest level of reliability.

Produced in Liechtenstein.
Available worldwide.

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