Safety requirements

Important information

  1. Use BETONAMIT® only in an ambient temperature between 5°C and max. 35°C. (40-95°F).
  2. Never use warm water. (max. 20°C or max. 68°F)
  3. Use precisely the right amount of water: 1.0-1.2 litres per 5 kg (34-40 fl.oz per 11 LBS)
  4. Whenever possible, prepare the mixture mechanically. (Poor mixing increases the risk of blow-out)
  5. Use only drills with a diameter between 30mm and 40mm. (between 1¼“ and 1½“)
  6. The minimum borehole depth equates to 5 times the diameter of the borehole.
  7. The boreholes must be as clean and dry as possible.
  8. On very hot days, fill the boreholes early in the morning.
  9. Pour the BETONAMIT® into the boreholes Immediately after mixing.
  10. Dilute excess mixture with lots of water and dispose of in compliance with local regulations.
  11. Never look directly into the filled boreholes (risk of blow-out)
  12. Close the workplace off against unauthorised access. (Blow-out or material loosening itself)
  13. When working with BETONAMIT® in closed spaces, wear a dust mask.
  14. Cover the filled boreholes with a formwork board or something similar.
  15. Do not pour the mixture into bottles or other closed containers. (Risk of blasting effect)
  16. Pay heed also to the danger and safety instructions on the packaging. (GHS)

Checklist for the safe use of BETONAMIT®

  1. Am I wearing the mandatory protective equipment? Safety glasses and rubber gloves!
  2. Is the diameter of my drill between 30mm and 40mm?
  3. Have I placed the correct volume of water ready for use?
  4. Is the temperature of the water to be used for mixing in the recommended range? Below 20°C!
  5. Is the ambient temperature between 5°C and max. 35°C?
  6. Is the temperature of the object to be demolished below 35°C?
  7. Can the fragments disperse in one direction?
  8. Could the displaced material cause unwanted damage, for example, in the masonry or to the ground plate?

ATTENTION: What is a blow-out effect?

Non-compliance with the instructions or improper handling may result in a blow-out. A blow-out is the sudden, explosion-like escape of BETONAMIT® from the borehole. Should someone be hit in the face by the material escaping under high pressure, it could result in serious injury or blindness. For this reason never look directly into the filled boreholes and at all times wear safety glasses when working with BETONAMIT®. After a first blow-out has taken place, this repeats about 3-6 times, and can also occur in other boreholes. Block access to the work area for all people for at least 2 hours.

Immediate actions

BETONAMIT® is non-toxic but it does contain a large measure of caustic lime (CaO). IF IN CONTACT WITH THE EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. If contact lenses are being worn, remove them if possible. Continue rinsing. IF IN CONTACT WITH THE SKIN: Wash with copious amounts of soap and water. In cases of pain, injury or allergic reactions, seek medical advice immediately.

International emergency telephone number: +49 180 2273-112


  • Store BETONAMIT® cool and dry before use
  • Open the bag just before use
  • Opened bags are no longer storable over the long term
  • Shelf life: In the original packaging, for at least 3 years
  • Store out of the reach of children