the areas of application are VARIOUS AND almost unlimited.

Here you can gain an insight into various demolition projects with our swelling explosives. Share your experiences with Betonamit with others and send us your photos. We would be delighted to show your project here too.

Concrete demolition
of all kinds

Separation of
Concrete structures
of all kinds

Demolition of stone
and concrete walls

Removal of

Rock excavation of all kinds

Marble mining, granite mining, mines,

Separate from
Rock for size adjustment

Crushing of boulders

Crushing of concrete structures
of all kinds

And many more…

Insight into our customer projects

Split boulder

Remove stone in the cellar

Demolition of dam

Rocks in the cellar

Machine foundation

Remove excess concrete

Crush the boulder

Concrete foundations

Remove concrete base

Blasting rocks

Demolition of concrete ramp

Power pole foundations

Crushing stones

Demolition in Berlin


Produced in Liechtenstein.
Available worldwide.

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