About Betonamit®

explosion-free and safe.

Betonamit is an explosion-free blasting agent that enables the safe and vibration-free crushing of rock, stone and concrete without the need for special requirements or equipment. Betonamit is also often referred to as a swelling agent, swelling explosive or blasting concrete.

Gentle demolition – universally applicable

Betonamit is a swelling explosive that is used for the gentle and controlled demolition of rock and concrete. This explosion-free blasting method is now used successfully by thousands of customers in over 50 countries. Betonamit is the gentle and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional demolition methods. Where blasting is not permitted or desired, where chiseling represents an enormous strain for the workers or where vibrations must be avoided, our Betonamit product offers exactly the right solution.

Swelling explosives are used by professional demolition companies as well as by private individuals. Unlike conventional blasting work, the so-called swelling pressure agents do not require a blasting license or permits. Our alternative blasting agent can be used both indoors and outdoors.

As a European manufacturer of swelling agents, we have been able to achieve a leading international position with our quality product. Production continues to take place at our plant in Liechtenstein. Only raw materials from Switzerland and the EU are used for our swelling explosives. Today, we are a manufacturer for countless well-known companies worldwide and produce our blasting alternatives in our own facilities as well as in a number of white labels on behalf of customers.

Betonamit has a very good shelf life of at least 3 years. Betonamit is incombustible and can be sent by parcel without any problems. After a reaction time of only a few hours, Betonamit develops an enormous expansion pressure, which is soon so high that any hard rock and even reinforced concrete is pressed apart.

Compared to conventional blasting methods, Betonamit works practically silently, without vibration and without flying fragments.

How blasting works with BETONAMIT®

3 steps to silent demolition.

Industries that BETONAMIT® is revolutionizing.

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Road construction
Tunnel construction
Blasting company
& Civil engineering
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& Sawing company
Underground construction

What makes BETONAMIT® the world’s No. 1

In-house production in the Principality of Liechtenstein
Over 50 years of industry experience
Product of the highest quality and reliability
Most powerful product on the market
Best yield per kilogram
Shelf life of at least 3 years
Year-round product (5°C – 35°C)
Universal for rock, stone, concrete and reinforced concrete
Can also be used under water
Complies with REACH regulation and GHS
Free & professional advice
Environmentally friendly due to natural raw materials


Time & cost

Noise emission

Dangerous goods

Advantages over conventional blasting work

Very easy to use
No blasting license required
No training required
No cumbersome storage regulations
No transportation regulations
No stone chips, no flying splinters
Optional separating, loosening or shredding
For indoor and outdoor use
Plannable and targeted demolition
Permit-free and without registration requirement
No blast protection mats required
Vibration-free, no measurements required

Advantages over
Dismantling hammer

Time and cost savings
Noise pollution is minimized
BETONAMIT® continues to work even at night
Easier work and relief for workers
No large machines required
Consumption can be precisely calculated
Precisely calculable costs
Can be used over large areas



Areas of application

Concrete demolition
of all kinds

Separation of
Concrete structures
of all kinds

Demolition of stone
and concrete walls

Removal of

Rock excavation of all kinds

Marble mining, granite mining, mines,

Separate from
Rock for size adjustment

Crushing of boulders

Crushing of concrete structures
of all kinds

And many more…

Produced in Liechtenstein.
Available worldwide.

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