Application videos of Betonamit cracking agent

Take some time and watch our application videos. You will learn how easy our product works and how versatile our demolition grout can be used. Blasting stone and concrete with Betonamit is very easy. Drill holes, mix BETONAMIT with water and just fill the mixture into the holes. The cracking agent or also called non-explosive demolition grout now hardens slowly under enormous development of pressure, so that any hard rock or concrete is slowly pressed apart. In this way, hours of hard manual work can be avoided. Please do not hesitate to call us without obligation if you have any questions about blasting work with our explosion-free blasting agent. We will be happy to help you with your demolition project.

Blasting stone and rock with non-explosive cracking agent BETONAMIT®

Various applications of BETONAMIT®, the non-explosive cracking agent

BETONAMIT® - Concrete blasting in slow motion