BETONAMIT® demolition grout in use

The areas of application for BETONAMIT are almost unlimited. The extremely simple and safe application is the great advantage of non-explosive demolition grouts. Below you will find some possible applications for our non-explosive cracking agent.

BETONAMIT is the gentle and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional demolition methods. Where blasting is not permitted or desired, where chiseling is an enormous burden for the workers or where vibrations must be avoided, our simple and safe blasting agent offers exactly the right solution.

As a European manufacturer, we have achieved a leading international position with our quality product. Production still takes place at our plant in Liechtenstein. Only raw materials from Switzerland and the EU are processed for our alternative explosives. Today, we are a manufacturer for countless well-known companies worldwide and produce our products in our own brands as well as under a number of private labels on behalf of our customers.